SimLab Team
Three members of SimLab received awards in 2022
SimLab Team
SimLab advocates for diversity amongst its members
SimLab Team
SimLab advocates for undergraduate involvement in academic research

Dr. Nurcin Celik (Director)

Simulation and Optimization Research Laboratory (SimLab) was founded by Dr. Nurcin Celik in 2010 at the Department of Industrial Engineering within the University of Miami. SimLab is now inviting outstanding students to apply as PhD candidates.

Open Ph.D. Positions

SimLab is currently looking for Ph.D. applicants interested in:

  • Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS)
  • Big Data & Machine Learning for Resilient Systems
  • Energy Management & Distributed Power Networks
  • Solid Waste Management & Recycling Systems
  • Simulation Optimization: Methods & Applications

Required skills/criteria:

  • Excellent coding skills in Python*, R, Matlab, Java, C/C++, AMPL etc.
  • Highly self-motivated; works well with others
  • Communication skills; written and spoken English
  • Strong background in optimization, simulation, and mathematical modelling

Interested students, please email your resume/CV including GPA, GRE, and TOEFL to Dr. Nurcin Celik (Director). Contact Info.

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SimLab has a diverse array of students from various backgrounds working toward a sustainable future.

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SimLab's research areas include autonomous microgrid control, waste management, and complex algorithm design.

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SimLab conducts high quality research consistently published in prestigious journals.

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